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Language & Terminology 2.0

Religion, too, has come to mean only organized-religion - that of the main faiths - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, etc. ratified by its definition:

However its other meanings are often overlooked:

Lets look at the word itself, a word which originally meant:

respect for what is sacred.

The origins of the Latin roots, religio and religionem, are obscure at best.

One potential possibility traces back to the great orator of Rome, Cicero, whereby re (meaning ‘again’) and lego (meaning ‘read’) creates ‘to go over again’ or ‘consider carefully.’


His definition of religion was, cultum deorum (how appropriate) which means, ‘the proper performance of rites in veneration of the gods’.


This original definition is where The Cult sees truth.

In medieval times the word was recognized as an individual virtue of worship. Not as a doctrine. It referred to social obligations to family and neighbors. It was only in the 1200s that the English took the word to mean a life bound by monastic vows and then in the 1500s it was hijacked by the Church to mean religion in the sense of separation of worldly things and to distinguish and establish the domain of civil authority.

Neither the Bible nor the Quran (or the people within the cultures of those texts) ever had a word for the concept of religion.

To assume that the word has reached its final form in the arc of evolution is naive. Words and their meanings constantly change, as we have seen, in accordance with the laws of evolution.


The Cult aims to see a world where, like ‘cult’, the word ‘religion’ evolves further – away from its current meaning.

The Cult of Cthulhu does not see itself as equal with the other organized religions of this age but far above and beyond them. The Cult is not fond of its title of religion, as religion itself has become the most toxic of things and cries out to be eliminated – indeed it is part of the Great Work to oversee its eventual demise – however it has appropriated the word for its own for three reasons:

1 - Its original meaning
2 - Its current meaning in the dictionary which is, in fact, accurate, and,

3 - For ease of understanding amongst society.

The Cultist must always remember that The Cult is far more than a religion.

It is a journey, a way of life and a brotherhood.

The Cult of Cthulhu

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