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The words ‘cult’ and ‘cultist’ are often seen as controversial by society and inspire images of David Koresh, the Manson ‘family’, drinking the kool-aid and Scientology, but the truth is so much more illuminating...


The broadness of the question, the confusion of the topic, and the sense of fear many people have at the simple mention of the term demands a longer answer to the question.

‘Cult,’ defined, is:

It is derived from the French culte (worship)

Which in turn has its roots, as most words do, in Latin, in the adjective cultus (worshipped).

The Latin verb from which cultus is derived is colere (to care or to cultivate).

Interestingly the english word ‘culture’ also comes from the Latin word cultus.

‘Culture’, of course, means:

Let’s briefly break all of this down.

"care or cultivate"
"the collective manifestation of human intellectual achievement"
"the ideas and customs of a particular people"
"a system of religious veneration and devotion"
"a person or thing that is popular among a particular group or society"

It is apparent that there is very little negative connotation here.

The word has become controversial because it has become a subjective term used as an ad hominem attack against groups with different doctrines.


This is not without cause or reason.

Words have always, and will always, evolve.

Much like The Cults view on the word, ‘religion’, the evolution process is only natural. But it is important to understand the roots of these words, their current definitions and, most importantly of all, their intended meanings.


The Cult of Cthulhu is not a cult in the modern sense, it is one in the traditional sense.

It is important to understand this as a Cultist.

Cultists are not in a cult as today’s society happens to see it, they are in a cult as history has seen it in the past, and how history will see it in the future, for language will always evolve.

It is worthwhile to note that the terms ‘Cult’ and ‘Cultist’ are intrinsically feminine words.

Most, if not all, organized religions are inherently masculine and misogynistic, ruled by men in the interests of men.

We are all unworthy of the gift of life in the eyes of Cthulhu and equally unimportant to the universe. The balance of male and female exists in perfect harmony within The Cult of Cthulhu. This is reflected neatly in the knowledge that Latin nouns all have three genders dependent on the adjectives and pronouns which refer to it (masculine, feminine and neuter) and that French, too, is a Romance language with both male and female nouns.

The Cult of Cthulhu

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