The Call

" ... The Worthy often feel misunderstood. They feel other people don’t see the world the way they do, that they are different from everybody else.

They crave not only deeper meaning but deeper understanding too.

To be part of something larger than oneself and to attain a higher sense of self. 
To become the perfect version of themselves.
They are drawn to the idea of transformation where others around them seem satisfied  with the mundane.

They sense they are meant to be a part of the elite few that transcend this mundanity and see through the Illusion everyone else is sated with. They know that they are meant to be larger than life, to attain a state of being no one else can achieve and to rise above the current perceived reality... "


Those that identify with this passage are Worthy in the eyes of Cthulhu and have been Called.


This is a brief overview of The Calling

You already know if you have been called.


You can sense it.


Your presence here, your recognition of these words, this is proof in itself.


You feel it inside.

Once you have recognised The Call it is up to you to heed it or continue living your current life without change.

To answer the Call is the goal - only then can we reach Ascension by continuing

the Great Work.


The Cult of Cthulhu

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