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Two Crows
Sep 10, 2019
In Introduce Yourself
Greetings everyone! My journey here has been a long one, with many interesting twists and turns, but the landscape of spirituality is vast and any worthwhile exploration of it takes time and attention. I've always been aware that the world is a much larger place than our five senses, and even the reaches of our minds, can perceive. This realization was my inspiration for my investigations of various religions, philosophies and spiritual expressions. I've been involved in pagan and wiccan ways, Satanism, Christianity, Universism, Buddhism and indigenous spirituality. I've written a few books (self-published) and held various positions of responsibility in organizations along the way. More recently, I returned to simple meditation and what I call "spiritual minimalism." I removed all the trappings of my practice, the rituals and special items, and simply sat in non-judgmental observation of my mind. What became obvious to me after a short period of time is that human psychology is extremely unreliable, and often becomes a trap in which we are led around in circuitous thinking and imagining. This caused me to set aside many of the notions I had about the nature of the universe and our relationship to it. I came to see that we tend to project human attributes into what is essentially a Void, much like we see faces in clouds or Jesus in an piece of toast. Then, through a friend, I came across the writings of HP Lovecraft. Something immediately resonated in me with what I discovered there, both in the composition and the content of his prose. As I explored the genre of Cosmic Horror, I was fascinated with the idea of these incredibly-powerful inter-dimensional beings that knew nothing of us or cared little to nothing about us. This seems right to me. While this may cause most people to descend into a nihilistic funk, for me it is liberating. With no one sitting in judgment, no reward or punishment meted out by the universe, no heaven or hell to long for or fear, our real attention can be focused on the moment, right here and now. And what I have read here on this site only confirms that this is where I can find kindred spirits and like-minded adherents to this new revelation. So that is my rather lengthy introduction. I'm looking forward to conversations and growing in the Cult as well as helping the Cult to grow. May the Great Cthulhu Awaken and Rise!
Two Crows
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