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The Ashen Gollum
Aug 08, 2019
In Introduce Yourself
I had a dream where I was on a beach at night and a passage rose from the sea. The water was quiet and still there were no waves. I took the path which led me to a beautiful temple with weird pyramids that seemed to curve at an angle. They were strangely smooth and had deep encravings and cuts. The temple had two pillars at the entrance that almost reached the sky and ended in a "y" shape. The temple resembled a Greek pantheon but the walls and columns were full of strange writing and symbols of weird and unnerving fish people. Inside the temple was a square that and right in front of the entrance were very steep stairs that led to an altar with the symbol of a squid carved in front of it. On both sides of the stairs where two parallel pillars that hold the walls. Below each one were strange iron maiden like stone structures. When I got near them thousands of crabs and sealife swarmed me and took me to a tall tower that was looming ominously over the temple. The tower was robust and decorated in spikes and ridges. I was thrown inside into the darkness but said darkness was full of something like little stars or fireflies floating around illuminating the void. I spotted a giant creature just sitting and watching me with it's eyes observing my movements. It showed me to come closer becouse it wanted to showed me something. It showed me earth and some weird places below the sea. It then pointed at itself and later at a place near Antarctica. Then it somehow told me, without opening it's mouth, to quote "awaken"

The Ashen Gollum

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