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Jul 27, 2020
In Introduce Yourself
Dear people I want to accompany, I have not yet experienced The Call in a sense which would give me the ability to describe it to someone else. The first time I got confronted with H.P.Lovecraft's work I was shackled by sheer interest I brought up towards it. Since I was a kid I felt wrong, I felt in a way that didn't allow me to accept the world around me as it was or is. I was/am curious about how things were and are but the only reaction I got from others was rejection. I was no misfit because I was great at getting along with people but at some point people tended to not be able to follow or understand my point of view of the world. In the last few years I found a couple of people who I am able to discuss and share my point of view and experience. I often see something fascinating in nature, I want to explore it, make notes of the depths that this world holds for me. But as soon as I start to think about it, it does not seem to end. Recently I've come to the conclusion that I would never be satisfied with the state I'm in, I would wander infinitly until my mortality takes the better of me, so I decieded to join this cult to learn even more. Yours, Astarnoth


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