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Oct 16, 2018
In The Bible of Cthulhu
Good afternoon. I have but two points of concern at the moment. Unless I have completely missed it somehow, I don't seem to see any update on the Bible that is being created, and would just like this matter to be clarified. Also, the Facebook page, is it no longer used? Again, unless I have misread something, it seems that the latest post on there is from the middle of the current year, several months ago. I have just recently found this site and the forums as you may have read in my previous posts, and initially thought it to be quite promising and enlightening. Now, however, I just find myself confused, and would appreciate any information you could share. Many thanks in advance.
Oct 15, 2018
In Introduce Yourself
Good evening! I found this site last night thru a link on the blog of a "Lovecraftian Pagan" on Tumblr, and since then have read thru everything I could here. It quickly became apparent that I belong here at this time, as I read and related to everything I did. I wish I could say I saw this and that in my dreams, however, as my 8 years of occult and pagan studies can tell me, my "divine sensations" come more as feelings rather than images. I have felt the call. I first felt a stir as I finally picked up that dusty complete works of lovecraft off my to be read shelf, and since reading more stories and the lore about the mythos, have felt it much more strongly. I am entirely excited for all that I can learn from being here, and hopefully, share my experiences as well!


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