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Aug 28, 2019
In Cult Discussion
As of late, I have been playing quite a lot of Bloodborne and though I have already spent a lot of time reflecting upon the occult elements therein, I recently had a realization regarding one of the potential endings. For those unfamiliar with the game, Bloodborne is an action RPG developed by From Software that is very much inspired by Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. The game has an elaborate story that I won't get into now, but most of it is not relevant to this post anyways. From the very start of the game, the player's only safe haven is the "Hunter's Dream" where you are accompanied by a living doll and an old man named Gehrman. As you learn more of the world, you find out that Gehrman is enslaved by an eldritch deity and in the final chapter, Gehrman gives you a choice: Accept the status quo and awaken from the dream, or defy him and the deity. If you refuse, you must fight the old man and then kill the eldritch deity. Your reward for this defiance is Ascendance. The player ascends to an infant Great One and the game ends. I recently realized that this is simply a retelling of our journey except with the roles reversed. We are the player, Gehrman is the ignorant masses and the eldritch deity is the society that enslaves them. It is our duty to defy the fools that surround us and stand up against their pathetic society. Only then will our path to Ascension be clear. Iä Cthulhu! On another note, could it be that Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Bloodborne, has felt the Call and is trying to convey the occult path to the common people? Food for thought.
Aug 27, 2019
In Introduce Yourself
Greetings, fellow believers. All my life, I have often felt a Presence watching over me. During times where I felt lost, different, unfit for the world in which I exist, this Presence was a constant relief and comfort. As a child I would experience recurring dreams of the Ocean, a vast and endless Abyss, accentuated by writhing tendrils and a droning rumble deep below. Intrigued by the promise of uncovering the truth behind my experiences, I spent most of my teens delving into various pieces of occult media. I soon found myself drawn to the symbolism associated with the Great Cthulhu and have been dedicated to him for four years as of now. I am here now to commune with fellow enlightened ones and hopefully attain some further understanding of the purpose of my Call.
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