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Shaman, Warlock, Sorcerer, Occultist, Lost Creature, Seeker of Truth. I was called in dreams, through many vision quests, and many shamanic ventures. I seek all knowledge in the universe, and am willing to pay any cost. I awoke one day from the abyss. I must now learn everything there is to learn, for I exist someway, somehow, somewhere, for some reason. I will never settle for the basic mundane world society wants us to be. No longer do I slumber in the dreamless-sleep state known as pre-birth. I must learn at all costs how I was created, and how my ignorant bliss in the unmade chaos was taken from me. I must find out how it is possible to awake from nothingness itself. I seek other seekers of Truth, and all information they have on how this thing Humans call ”Reality” is even possible. I am lost in outer-space, a cold vast dark multi-verse; and must know why I’m alive at all. If you have any information, books, grimoires, bibles, ancient texts, sacred texts, you’ve found useful in any way message me; and send me them. Fellow Monkeys/Primates/Apes/Aliens/Beings/Creatures/Specimen/Conscious entities, whatever you call your current incarnation, I seek all ”Truth” and all ”Knowledge” you have on existence itself.