Joining The Cult of Cthulhu: A First-Hand Experience

Updated: Apr 17

Joining The Cult of Cthulhu: A  First-Hand Experience

Hello everyone! I’m Kaleena Nøelle, and I’m very new to The Cult.

Very new, as in, my first day of making my presence known amongst other Cultists was yesterday (4/14/2020).

I’ve been given the privilege to write for BLOG-Sothoth, and I thought a great first entry would be talking about my experience in joining The Cult, all the way back to when I stumbled upon The Official Cult of Cthulhu website, which was only a few days ago. Hopefully this can shed some light on how absolutely amazing and accepting The Cult is, I’ve already made so many friends and the moderators are all amazing people.

The Cult truly feels like home, and I strongly recommend those that have been Called to seek out more information, as that’s what led me here, to The Cult of Cthulhu.

I suppose the best place to start retelling my experiences would be a few days before I became active amongst fellow Cultists, when I personally was Called...

For me, The Calling was not only my sudden desire to pursue Cthulhu and the other Elder Gods as deities(I practice witchcraft and deity work in my craft was something I wanted, but struggled to find for a very long time), but a very intense dream I had as well.

After discovering the Cult of Cthulhu website, I took all the information from ‘What Is The Cult?’ and wrote it all down in a notebook.

It took a while to finish writing everything down, but I wouldn’t settle for less than perfection.

I’m not sure exactly how many days fell between writing down all of the information about The Cult, and having my Dream-but I know that it wasn’t a long time. Both events were only a few days apart from each other.

I’m not stating that these things will happen when you are Called, but these are my own personal experiences. The Calling can manifest in countless ways.

Days after initially having my Dream, I’m still struggling to describe it.

It was extremely intense.

In my dream, which I saw in the third person perspective, I was surrounded by clouds of purple, pink, and black (which I now recognize as The Cosmos).

I was suspended in the air, floating.

There was no gravity, but I didn’t really move around, I stayed in one spot.

As I looked from side to side, behind me, everywhere trying to figure out where I was or what was happening-I heard Him.


His voice was deep, thundering, and extremely powerful.

When He spoke to me, He said that He could tell that I wasn’t sated with the life I was currently leading.

That alone was obvious - the fact that I was doing days worth of research on The Cult of Cthulhu to ensure that I knew everything I needed before beginning my journey as a Cultist is proof of that. Afterwards, He asked me if I was ready to transcend from the mundanity I knew, and of course, I said yes.

Everything slowly began to cloud and fade out, and I woke up...

Almost Immediately after waking up, I posted “Advice for a New Cultist?” in the forums.

It didn’t take long at all before I received countless kind and helpful responses from other Cultists, as well as a moderator of the forums.

Revisiting that post as I’m typing this is bringing a huge smile to my face.

Getting to reread the “Welcome, Sister” responses is very heartwarming. The Cult accepted me with open arms from the very, very beginning. The second I let my curiosity be known I was welcomed and accepted. After that, I was invited to join the Discord server, and I stayed rather quiet for a while. I shared a few memes, but I was too shy and nervous to do much else.

Until Yesterday.

Yesterday was the first time I actually began to have one-on-one interactions with fellow Cultists. Within The Cult, communication is extremely important (Unification, of course) in continuing The Great Work. I was way too shy to message anyone first, one of my biggest worries is what other people think about me (as I strive to achieve Ascension - perfection - I won’t worry about what others think about me at all. The perfect version of myself won’t be hiding behind the walls of anxiety that I do now). But, after lingering on the server for a while, I managed to join in a few conversations in a few different channels, and I got a message from another Cultist!

I was ecstatic.

I couldn’t believe someone had reached out to me. After that first message, I got a few more from other lovely Cultists as well as one from Nyarlothoth himself about writing for BLOG-Sothoth, which, as you can see, is going great!

I can’t express how happy it makes me to express my love for writing within The Cult, I’m extremely proud that I can make use of my talents and capabilities here.

The Cult is a sea of opportunity and potential, I’m very lucky to have gotten to know so many great, talented people through it.

I settled in for the night fully expecting to just respond to any unanswered Discord messages and go to sleep, but I was very, very wrong.

I did get to respond to my messages, but I didn’t expect that I’d be joining a voice chat with fellow Cultists, some of which I had just become acquainted with only hours before and most I wasn’t acquainted with at all.

I was petrified.

But, since someone I had talked to and gotten along with very well invited me to chat, I figured everything would be fine.

Fine, however, isn’t the word I’d use to describe how things went last night... I think liberating is the perfect word, actually.

I really came out of my shell and warmed up to a lot of new people. We made lots and lots of jokes, had a toast in honor of Cthulhu, and talked about a million different things - Cult and non Cult related.

We were all getting along great and having a good time. And I remember the second that the Instagram livestream was announced on the server everyone got so excited, myself included.

I was shocked with how great my day had gone so far - making one friend, making three friends, joining a voice chat and having a blast, and now I was going to watch a Cult of Cthulhu livestream with all of them.

The Instagram livestream was absolutely a delight to partake in.

We all asked Nyarlathoth a few questions and it was relatively tame at the start. Personally, I think the best moment had to be when Nyarlathoth started allowing the Cultists to livestream with him.

One by one, literally all of us in the Discord voice chat had the opportunity to share the Cult of Cthulhu Instagram livestream screen with him.

It was an absolute honor as someone who’s so new to get to stream with him while all my fellow Cultists cheered me on in the comments as I did for all of them.

I have tons of respect for Nyarlathoth and all that he does for The Cult, and I’m still coming to terms with the fact that everything happened.

After the stream ended I couldn’t fall asleep.

I was riding out the adrenaline high from being on the stream with a few other Cultists that were experiencing the same. My heart starts to pound just thinking about it, I was so nervous, but I had an absolute blast. There isn’t a single thing I would change about the stream, or my night overall. 

To sum everything up, I’d have to say that joining The Cult is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I’ve struggled with anxiety for years, and being active on the forums, the Discord server, and now hopefully BLOG-Sothoth, is really helping me come out of my shell.

Everything I’ve done so far - posting on the forum, joining the Discord, livestreaming with The Cult - has pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way.

This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I strongly encourage anyone who’s been lurking around the Cult’s website and forums in silence, like I did, to reach out. I promise, only good can come of it.

Doing so is Unification with those like-minded, and thus continues The Great Work as well as the journey to Ascension.

I really hope that I’ll be decently active on BLOG-Sothoth in the near future, I could sit and type for hours. I would really appreciate hearing all of your feedback on this, as this is my very first blog entry. I’d love to give a little shout-out to the great Cultists I spoke to all of yesterday and early, early morning today. You’ve all made me feel right at home and more welcome than anyone ever has. You’re all wonderful, talented individuals with loads of potential, and I consider myself very lucky to have met you all, let alone be connected in this way with you.

I really appreciate this opportunity to share my experience of joining The Cult of Cthulhu with you all, it means a great deal to me. Although I’m new, my passion for The Cult runs deep and I’m absolutely stoked to be sharing this with everyone.

This is a dream come true, literally.

May They Rise


Kaleena Nøelle

Cultist of the Cult of Cthulhu

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