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Lesson VI

Void Meditation

Every Cultist masters the ritual of Void Meditation.

Binding oneself with The Void is an essential undertaking for every Cultist, and whilst it is an extremely advanced technique to perfect, nearly all other Cthulhuic Rituals rely heavily on it and for that reason it must be learned and practiced first.

Being alone terrifies us.

We spend so much of our lives running from our deeper selves.

We have white noise constantly painting the background of our sub conscious. We keep screens on at night while we sleep, we awake and immediately look at phones and tablets, any trace of true silence and solitude that creeps up to us is quickly side stepped and avoided. What is blocking our minds and souls to nature, the cosmos and ourselves is noise. A lot of it. Listen. What do you hear? Right now. Likely distraction. Likely the sound of media or commute or music or technology. It is the sound of missing the now. The racket of the external is muting the sound of the internal. Why does silence fear us so?

Void Meditation embraces the deafening soundlessness of the cosmos – the Great Silence.

The first levels of Void Meditation focus on utter silence and complete oneness with The Void, only once this has been mastered should external stimuli be introduced whilst still keeping peace of the internal mind.

The goal is to empty the mind of noise and allow the deep dark space that is inside to simply be. Stagnant. Motionless.

Sensory stimuli has overwhelmed the universes in our brains with chaotic wild fire, but Void Meditation allows us to again get in touch with the infinite serenity of the macrocosm that it is.

Time crumbles in Void State, where it’s linearity is totally meaningless.

You will be at the god head, where all time folds in on itself.

It is here that you can throw off the anchors of the impossible.

With Void Meditation you can induce a state where you touch a deeper sense of reality, where you understand reality on a more fundamental level and gain a great deal of insight and knowledge into the ways the world works and how you as a human being relate to that world. Much like the term “Aethyr,” The Void is the ideological source for energies wherefrom Cultists draw their power.

The Basics

When practicing Void Meditation The Cultist must sit comfortably and focus only on breath.

Deep breaths in through the nose, expanding the lungs, and exhalation out of the mouth, slow and deliberate.

It will take some time to settle the mind at first, but every time your mind strays – and it will – bring it back to the breath. Focus only on the air going in and out of your lungs. Every time a thought enters your head cast it aside and return to your breath. Eventually you will want to silence your mind even to the conscious thought of breath. It is very hard to achieve complete peace of mind (or “Void State”) and it takes longer practice still to maintain it for extended periods. The goal is to simply keep your mind dark and blank, to rewire it from the noise of the external and get in touch with the infinite void around us all.

It is good practice to sit either on your knees or with your legs crossed and your back straight. The left hand should be cupped within the right hand if you are male and vice versa if female, forming a perfect circle.

Void Meditation is used to increase your state of mind and presence in the world.

It allows The Cultist to attain a heightened sense of awareness and a stronger bond with the cosmos, the external and the self. Cleaning the mind of the outside world, of the noise around us and the mundanity of reality allows true connection to the cosmos.

With a quiet and controlled mind The Cultist can conquer problems more readily and adeptly, can employ later rituals with precision and grace and will find that the general quality of life increases dramatically.


When one can connect to the silence of the void within them then they can start to give meaning to the agitation that is going on around them, and contact The Old Ones directly.

Included in this lesson are four of the eight Void Meditation Rituals included in The Bible of Cthulhu...

download these pages here

The remaining pages can be found in The Bible of Cthulhu

Official Playlists

It is sometimes appropriate to practice Void Meditation with a soundtrack. A playlist of Cult favorites is provided here:



• Practice Void Meditation every night and become adept at it

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Expressions of Interest to record guided meditation

The Cult is currently taking expressions of interest for creative Cultists to record guided meditation tracks of the Void Meditation rituals.

If you are a confident public speaker and have the ability to create a high quality sound file, please get in touch here

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