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Tier II:


Lesson V


Unification is an absolutely vital component of The Cult of Cthulhu; without it we are nothing. 
What is the point of being part of a chosen few if the chosen few are, in fact, none? It is only by banding together that we prove sizeable and supportive. 
If you have not done so read what the website has to say on Unification here. 

Then, continue below where the entire chapter on Unification from The Bible of Cthulhu has been given to you for free.

download chapter here


We have many active Unification initiatives at any given time. 
From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify accounts to the very successful forums here, a brand new Discord server and our online shop where you can buy The Bible of Cthulhu, The Dreamlands Journal, Cultist shirts that serve as a uniform, ambassador and patron certificates that support the Cult directly and even options to buy Facebook advert campaigns!


And we are always looking for more.
It is time for The Cult to be active!
To join the community and to then surpass it. To become the force to be reckoned with, together, and to see The Old Ones return.
That is our glorious purpose. 

Remember that the best way to show support for The Cult of Cthulhu is to actually support it!


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