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Lesson IV

The Tenets of Cthulhu

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All are equally insignificant to Cthulhu.

The cosmos is cold, dark and uncaring. Planets keep cycling, stars burn brightly, and everything moves according to the fixed laws of our reality. It does not care about your hopes and dreams. Every single one of us insignificant and it is the one thing that unites us all, regardless of nationality, color or creed.

It is our insignificance that makes us all truly equal.

It is with this knowledge that we treat everyone equally. No one is better than you and no one is necessarily worse, certainly not for that which is beyond their control (nationality, color, creed, et cetera), only ones actions defines if they are a force of positivity or negativity in this world.

Out of the void you were given time to dance in the light.

Cultists see life and reality as a gift from the cosmos. Before we were born our consciousness did not exist, we resided in the void. The vast blank nothingness of the expanse. The existential torment of reality, no matter how burdenous, is gratefully received for it us that received it and not the countless others that could have been here in our place.
The Tome of Yog-Sothoth in The Bible of Cthulhu teaches us that the scientific odds of YOU existing here outnumber the sand grains of the Sahara. Cultists reflect on this and give praise.


What a cultist does for pay is of little significance...

... but what he is, as a sensitive instrument responsive to the worlds beauty, is everything.
This is inspired by a direct quote of The Prophet, H.P. Lovecraft. It is a simple notion that our productivity-obsessed society is all too happy to let us forget. Money is not everything. What you do day to day to earn it is nothing. Far more important is how receptive you are to the things that you love and the things of beauty that the light of life has given us.

Who you think you are is nothing.

The Ascended are aware of the Cognitive Dissonance & Doublethink Paradox (Tome of Yog-Sothoth, The Bible of Cthulhu).
Simply put; we all too often judge others on their actions but ourselves only our intentions. Who you believe you are on the inside is nothing if you do not act accordingly.
Your actions, as it is said, speak louder than your words, and outright deafen your thoughts.
If we see others as weak for thinking highly of themselves but acting heinously then who are we if we do the same? Ascension allows us to rise above Cognitive Dissonance and Doublethink.

The Cultist strives always to understand Azathoth's Dream & The Grand Oil Painting of Existence in order to Ascend.

Azathoth is the progenitor of the universe, He is the archetypal Big Bang, and all of our reality is merely His dream.
The first Tome of The Bible of Cthulhu is The Tome of the great daemon sultan, Azathoth. In it is an illustrated four tablet story, chronicling all of history since His dream, with a prophecy of the future. It is called "Azathoths Dream". Likewise our reality is often compared to a 'Grand Oil Painting' that Cultists can view at will with ease and understanding. The Cultist can look at the past and trace its significance, he or she can look at the present and comprehend it, and can look at future realities with understanding.
This is a reoccurring theme within The Bible of Cthulhu.

The Cultist strives always to continue The Great Work

But what is this Work? And indeed, The Great Work?

Download these pages here

The Cultist strives always to revere, respect, and represent with honor Cthulhu and His Cult.

This Tenet ties in closely with Unification.
It is only through unity and familial bonds of strength that The Cult can continue to rise from obscurity and act as it must for each individual Cultist. Therefore it is up to each and every individual within it to treat it with respect and honor, and to be proud of their position within it.

That is not dead which can eternal lie and through strange aeons even death may die.

This is more than just a poetic quote. In fact it forms the very foundation of our belief system.
It addresses life and death.
By the end of The Bible of Cthulhu and The Miskatonic University, the Cultist will understand this in all of its nuance and subtlety.


• Memorise the Tenets of Cthulhu.

• Bonus Unification Points: Post the pdf of The Tenets of Cthulhu somewhere online or email them to someone.

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