The word "cult" has some pretty negative connotations to it these days. Doesn't that bother you?

No. We are very aware that the words ‘cult’ and ‘cultist’ are often seen as controversial by society and inspire images of David Koresh, the Manson Family and of drinking the kool-aid but the enlightened and free-thinkers of this world are drawn to The Cult regardless of the terminology. There is a simple reason for this and it is for this same reason that we are not bothered by its connotations.

The word itself has gone through many transformations over the eras, originally meaning 'to care and cultivate' then meaning 'worshipped' and finally to it's current definition in the Oxford dictionary:
a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object or a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society
The word has become controversial because it has become a subjective term used as an ad hominem attack against groups with different doctrines. This is of course not without cause or reason. Words have always, and will always, evolve.
Much like The Cults view on the word, ‘religion’, the evolution process is only natural. But it is important to understand the roots of these words, their current definitions and, most importantly of all, their intended meanings. The Cult of Cthulhu is not a cult in the modern sense, it is one in the traditional sense, as history has seen it in the past, and how history will see it in the future.

Is The Cult of Cthulhu a real religion?

Yes! Though we have some issues with the word 'religion'.

Much like the word 'cult', religion has come to mean only ‘organized religion’ - that of the main faiths, ratified by it’s official definition, ‘the belief in, and worship of, a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God.’ However the other modern meanings are also, ‘a particular system of faith and worship,’ and, most importantly, ‘a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.' These latter meanings are often overlooked.
There is actually very little consensus among scholars about what actually constitutes a religion. Cultural systems, world views, specified ethics and spirituality in general all seem to have equal claim to the word. A word which originally meant, ‘respect for what is sacred.'

The Cult is not fond of its title of religion, as religion itself has become the most toxic of things and cries out to be eliminated, however it has appropriated the word for its own because of its original and current meaning in the dictionary which is, in fact, accurate and quite simply for ease of understanding amongst society (it's easier to just say, "Yes, it's a religion," and have people understand what you mean).
The Cultists must always remember that The Cult is far more than a religion. It is a journey, a way of life and a brotherhood.

What can I gain from joining The Cult?

Remember that it does not fall on the Cultists shoulders to convince those who have not heard the Call, it is up to those chosen few who have heard the Call to follow it.

Have you?
Do you stumble in the darkness seeking a light or have you spotted that light and followed it here?
Heeding the Call is a trial all chosen struggle with, for it can be dim and unclear.

If so then The Cult is an undeviating and viable way for you to reconnect with your natural cosmic powers and abilities and to use them to change your life. It is first and foremost a quest of self-discovery through the three tiers known as The Calling, Ascension and Unification (collectively; The Work) which cover becoming who you were destined to be, attaining self-perfection of mind, body and spirit, and uniting with all your brothers and sisters who have also heard the Call.

Cthulhu, by necessity, is non-authoritarian and as such his religion is not one of rigid dogma.

The things that you find true for yourself are true.

Does The Cult have a church?

The Cult is made up of many circles, both Inner and Outer, and within each circle is typically a central Gathering Point, which can be regarded as a kind of church, though full comprehension of this is hard to convey to the unitiated, The Bible of Cthulhu covers all of this in depth.

Are there holidays in The Cult of Cthulhu?

Of course! Most holidays are social ones, and while, of course, it is best practice to celebrate with fellow Cultists who understand the importance of these dates, the real importance is on the celebration itself. So whether undertaken with kindred spirits or celebrated privately, it is important to fulfill the criteria and simply enjoy the camaraderie and pure reverence of each!

Along with holidays there is also vivid iconography that reinforces the religious aesthetic of the practice and keeps The Cultist grounded and resonating within the cosmic void, blackened unholy rituals to Awaken and attain Ascension; by the end of The Bible of Cthulhu you will understand all the fundamentals and be ready to join the genuine Cult of Cthulhu.

I think I have heard The Call. What do I do next?

Follow it!
It is every Cultists mission to fulfill The Work and the very first point of call (no pun intended) is to recognise that you are chosen from among the sleep-walkers to Awaken!
You have already followed your feet here, continue to heed The Call from the deep and take the next step into the ranks of The Cult of Cthulhu.

Follow that bright star in the vistas of the void and find your true self.

If you have already read the passage from The Bible of Cthulhu on The Call and see yourself in those words, then welcome home!
The Bible of Cthulhu contains all necessary information for understanding and joining The Cult, while The Miskatonic University allows for Cultists to join the Inner Circles and play a more active and fulfilling role within The Cult.

How do I join The Cult?

One cannot know for sure that they are ready and able to join The Cult until they have at least read at The Bible of Cthulhu, which covers the fundamentals of the religion. Further reading of The Black Book of Nyarlathotep and the various Tomes will make clear all murky waters in the would-be Cultists mind.
Once a Cultists has fulfilled this minimum requirement he or she can accurately identify as a genuine Cultist (as is explained in the books themselves) and this is all that is necessary for a Cultist to now be amongst the ranks of The Cult (having completed the rite of Self-Baptism for example).

HOWEVER, should you want to delve further then you are welcome to apply for acceptance in the Miskatonic University and begin your initiation into the inner circles of The Cult - where the real fun begins! Basic membership is free!

Is Cthulhu real?

Of course He is real, though His manifestation is the matter of some healthy debate!

There are two schools of thought that exist within The Cult of Cthulhu.
The first believes that Cthulhu and The Old Ones exist as as archetypal metaphors. The second believe in The Old Ones literally.

The majority of Cultists use Cthulhu, His kin, the mythos and the imagery therein as vivid archetypes and metaphorical forces that represent aspects of the self and a way of life. The ideals of the Great Old Ones and The Mythos align with the Truth as The Cult sees it, so an iconographical God, not to be believed in literally or worshipped necessarily but to serve as a figurehead of the organization and a banner to rally behind was created. Cthulhu represents what is to be found in the pages of The Bible of Cthulhu.

The self-proclaimed puritans of this belief system believe that Cthulhu descended from the stars literally and slumbers in His house in R’lyeh, communicating His will to H.P Lovecraft through dream. In this sense H.P Lovecraft can be seen as a kind of ‘prophet’, communing the will of the gods through cryptic texts and messages. They believe, too, that Cthulhu and His horde communicate to them personally through dream and Void Meditation. The Bible of Cthulhu covers the scientifically-plausible explanation of this belief as well as the philosophical proposition that, who are you, really, to say they are wrong?

There is no discord between the two sects.

In truth it does not matter which you believe; both and neither are true simultaneously. Whether the Cthulhu Mythos fills you with a sense of wonder and fulfills your imaginative desires with it’s fantastic imagery and prose or strikes at your soul with the ring of cosmic truth and unlimited potential, The Cult Of Cthulhu is really all about YOU.

When Cthulhu is alluded to and personified it may be taken as the literal manifestation of Him or the archetypal icon that He and His religion represents. All that is fundamentally essential is The Work, which is explained in depth in The Bible of Cthulhu and The Miskatonic University.


The Cult of Cthulhu

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