Is this a real organization?

Yes. We are not a fan-club, a business, or a studio. We are a highly organized group of freethinkers that utilize a practical belief-system to better our lives.

Do you believe Cthulhu is real?

Some cultists do, some cultists do not. Both treat the other with respect. There are two philosophical schools of thought that exist within The Cult of Cthulhu: pantheism and deism. Pantheism has no super-natural gods and states that Cthulhu and The Old Ones exist only as archetypal metaphors – synonyms for nature, the cosmos, and life itself. Cthulhu, His kin, the mythos, and the imagery therein, serve as vivid models and figurative forces that represent aspects of the self and guide our way of life. Azathoth is representative of The Big Bang, Yog-Sothoth represents knowledge and wisdom, Nug & Yeb archetype balance, etc. Deism states that Cthulhu and The Old Ones could exist literally. Deists do not believe this simply because it is a fun thought. They utilize multiverse theory, quantum decoherence, and advanced philosophy to present the premise of plausibility, whilst also suggesting that the idea of 'gods' merely being impartial cosmic entities unconcerned with human life is far more likely than a caring sky-god creator. It is as much an ode to science as anything else that we believe, and is an advanced thought experiment that takes time to fully understand. There is no discord between the two sects. In many ways the acceptance of these two schools of thought is the rebellion against classical religion, and the embodiment of the scientific method that we revere.

Why do you allow deists in The Cult of Cthulhu?

Because the deists of The Cult of Cthulhu are intelligent - they do not believe that Cthulhu and His kin might exist simply because they think Cthulhu is cool.
The multiverse theory states that we could be living in a universal fragment where They literally do exist. Of course, this way of thinking could be applied to any other gods as well,
and this is the precise point that the deist is trying to make. One cannot claim to accept multiverse theory whilst simultaneously denying the possibility of certain realities based on a preconceived notion. The deist uses their deism as a personal example of trust in the scientific method. Likewise they utilize advanced philosophy to discuss and debate the possibilities and probabilities of cosmic entities that we as humans exist either separate to, or as a by-product of, and of the existence and probabilities of right path gods.

There is often a lot of healthy, thought-provoking discussion and debate within their ranks.
This marriage between religion and science is the point of a deist, and why they are accepted in our organization.

What is The Call?

The Call is the premise that only a select few are even worthy of The Cult and its teachings, and it can manifest in any number of ways...

Some people have a dream so intense and summoning that they feel compelled to research The Mythos further.

Some start noticing all the little coincidences in their own life involving The Mythos that they can no longer ignore the fact that they are drawn to it.

For some people, being Called is simply a state of being:

They often feel misunderstood.
They realize that other people don't actually see the world the same way that they do, and they know that they are somehow different from everyone else.

They crave not only deeper meaning but deeper understanding too.

To be part of something larger than themselves and to attain a higher sense of self.

To become a perfect version of themselves.

They are drawn to the idea of transformation while others around them seem satisfied with the mundane.

They sense that they are meant to be part of the elite few that can transcend this mundanity and see through the illusion that everyone else seems sated with.

They know that they are meant to be larger than life, to attain a state of being that no one else can achieve, and to rise above the current perceived reality.

They are drawn to a life of growth and happiness, while those around them simply trudge on through.

If you identify with this passage then you are likely Called and therefore worthy in the eyes of The Cult of Cthulhu.

Why do you revere the scientific method?

The Cult of Cthulhu believes that the majority of mankind has forgotten what the scientific method has done for our species (see: Sanity & Madness). Since the Enlightenment era it has shaped modern science and is responsible for virtually everything that we now enjoy as a society. While we accept that there may be improvements in the future, we also propose that it is currently the best method we have for understanding the nature of things and improving the world around us. It is with the scientific method that we conduct our rituals and practices.

What is Ascension?

The Cult of Cthulhu believes that within every person who is Called there is an Elder God waiting to Ascend, and that through our practices one can achieve perfection of the self in all forms: body, mind, and spirit.

If there are an infinite amount of possible realities then in more than one of them there is a perfect version of yourself. Ascension is the means of manifesting it in this reality, too.

Ascension begins with admitting to your desire for self-perfection.

Perfection of your own criteria - not anyone else's.

Right path religion has expertly hammered this desire out of most people from an early age in order to benefit its own ends, but it is a perfectly natural human instinct to want to become the alpha, to imagine and desire the most perfect version of oneself possible and, if willing and disciplined enough, to seek out the means to become it.

Ascension is the means.

Power, self-creation, self-perfection, intensification of will and purpose, apotheosis, and genuine happiness.

This is all gained through Ascension.

What is Unification?

We believe that without Unification (of both the inner and the outer) true Ascension can never truly be achieved. It is the attainment of harmony with oneself and unity with our brother- and sister-hood. It is the lesson that people with differing backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs, can still live and work together in harmony for a greater ideal. This lesson has been forgotten by a large portion of society today (see: Sanity & Madness). Without Unification The Cult of Cthulhu falls to obscurity, as it has done in decades past. Followers of The Cult must strive to ever unify with one another; it was the barbarians banding together that finally brought about the fall of Rome. A real family, banded together by bonds of cosmic light and darkness, transcending this reality together. That is The Cult of Cthulhu. We wear the symbol of Cthulhu proudly on our chests like knights of old, and scream our name as we charge into battle. The Cult of Cthulhu is risen once again.

Why use the word cult?

For one, it is used to describe the idolizers of Cthulhu in H. P. Lovecrafts, “Call of Cthulhu,” so it is an appropriate word to use for an organization that uses Cthulhu as its figurehead. For another, it acts as a convenient filter against the close-minded. The Cult of Cthulhu is a collective of people who think critically and freely, and someone who can not get past the word ‘cult’ is not someone who thinks openly enough for our teachings. Finally, we do not see the word ‘cult’ as negative. The actual definition of ‘cult’ is, “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object”.
It comes from the Latin, ‘colere’, which means, “to care or cultivate,” and that is precisely what we do - for ourselves, for each other, and for this planet.

Do you believe in magick?

The Cult of Cthulhu believes in an overlap between science and what is called magick.

All magick really is is the intensification of purpose and will to bring about a desired outcome. The ancient Egyptians called it HEKA: Life Force in Action. Every aspect of their culture had HEKA woven into it and it was considered a normal part of every day life.

The magick utilized by The Cult of Cthulhu is magick that is demonstrable to work. Therefore do not expect to generate fire from your fingertips or raise the dead. But do expect to utilize it in the same way that the Egyptians did: to give meaning to that which is significant, to focus your intention, and to bring to you the outcomes that you desire from life.

We believe that, while Western society has forgotten what true magick is, it still exists nonetheless, and can be proven to work to better your life and the lives of others.

What do you mean by "Sanity and Madness"?

The Cult of Cthulhu considers much of the modern world - indeed much of humanity itself - as quite mad.
Given the advances of our species - - is not what we have done to our planet, quite mad? - is not the notion of world hunger and poverty, quite mad? - is not the notion of racism and inequality, quite mad?
In the Cthulhu mythos to see any one of The Old Ones is to be rendered insane. If The Old Ones represent every aspect of life - including wisdom - and we have seen Them, then the insanity of The Cult of Cthulhu is our ideological statement against the state of the world today: If this presented reality is what our kind calls sanity, then we declare ourselves proudly insane.

Do you have a physical church?

No. If The Cult were to have a church its location would be wherever a Cult Gathering takes place. The planet itself acts as the cosmic church to The Old Ones, so Gatherings, like their pagan ancestors, are primal and connected to the earth and the stars. They are social events, made for the bonding of Cultists with one another and with the cosmos. They typically require a bonfire of some kind, a view of the stars, drums, idols of reverence, and official Cult attire. While they are best held near the ocean, they are also carried out in forests, woodlands, caves, and fields. Cultists have the opportunity to meet their local brothers and sisters, eat, drink, dance, and celebrate, whilst also performing group rituals and taking part in Cult activities and even games. Gatherings are centered around Unification and are a thoroughly worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Why the religious aesthetic?

The Cult of Cthulhu is in many ways a common-sense belief system. We utilize quantifiable facts, entertain interesting and reasonable philosophical premises, and are open to evolution when presented with new data. We work together to improve our lives and to build a strong network of friends and family. And we do it all with a vibrant and stimulating dark aesthetic. The Cult of Cthulhu has often been referred to as a religion for the non-religious. Anyone who has stood in authentic timeworn holy places of worship, or attended services of the right path religions, will know of the warm light of vivid stained windows, of the distinct aromas that wrap and curl on the air, and of the flawless sense of wonder that accompanies it all. It is a veritable buffet for the senses. And the camaraderie of the attendees of these services is a simple bonding of human brotherhood that is denied to non-believers. The Cult strives to combine all of our teachings with rich iconography, symbolism, and aesthetic, so as to reignite and activate these senses and bring that same feeling of beauty, mystery, and wonder to those who have been denied this experience by right path religion. A church, not for a sky-god creator, but for the cosmos, for life and death, and for the beauty and wonder of The Old Ones and their philosophy.

What are the goals of The Cult of Cthulhu?

A Unified brother- and sister-hood of free thinkers, focussed on self-improvement and the bettering of this planet.

What is cosmicism?

Cosmicism is a term coined by H. P. Lovecraft, the philosophy of cosmicism states "that there is no recognizable divine presence, such as a god, in the universe, and that humans are particularly insignificant in the larger scheme of intergalactic existence." The most prominent theme is humanity's fear of their insignificance in the face of an incomprehensibly large universe: a fear of the cosmic Void.

What is the point of this organization?

What is the point of anything?
Mankind is insignificant. Your life is insignificant. But it is yours.
We think, we feel, we love and despair.
The point of The Cult of Cthulhu is to allow people to spend their brief time in the light in the best possible way before they return to the Void. To bring mankind together and end the madness that we see in this world. To lead humanity forward with fact and reason. To provide a family to those who are lost. And to revel in the viridian light of life, before it is snuffed out.

Together we can make our lives and this planet better, and be rid of the madness that lurks in every shadow.

Homo-sapiens crave meaning.
The Old Ones offer it.

Is the LGBT community welcome here?

Yes. The first Tenet of Cthulhu is, "All are equally insignificant to Cthulhu." It is our insignificance that unites us and makes us all truly equal. We could not care less about who you choose to love, who you identify as, or the color of your skin. Here, you will be judged only by the content of your character.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Visit our membership page to learn more.

Are you associated with any other Lovecraftian religious organizations?

To date we have not been able to find any that are genuine or sincere about sharing and teaching wisdom, or structuring a new-age belief system that actively changes and betters lives. The exception that proves this rule seems to be this particular rendition of The Esoteric Order of Dagon, (not to be confused with our own Order of Dagon), a secretive organization who focuses primarily on the use of magick. Most Lovecraftian groups today are fanclubs (of which we gratefully participate in: check out The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, who are always doing weird and wonderful things), non-profit organizations (like The August Derleth Society, who actively preserve the rich memory of Wisconsin’s greatest and most prolific author) Facebook groups or pages centered around memes (of which we cheerfully laugh along with), or unfortunate business-attempts that are simply cashing in on the mythos (of which we avoid any association with).
Any serious contributors to cosmicsim under the Cthulhian flag seem to be either long defunct or non-existent.
We openly encourage any genuine blossoming groups (or groups that we may have missed) to reach out to us directly, in the name of Unification.

How long will my order take to arrive?

The highly volatile state of the world at the moment has made shipping time vary unpredictably. Some people get their orders in 2 weeks, others in 2 months. With the varying states of lockdown from region to region due to COVID-19 and the now common changes in shipping protocol from week to week, it is very hard to give an accurate predicition of when an item might arrive - some people have been known to wait up to 4 months.

Whilst this is clearly not ideal it is the unfortunate reality of the world today. Rest assured that every single order is shipped out within a couple days of us receiving it - if there are any issues with your address or payment we will be in touch directly; no news is good news as far as shipping is concerned!