What is The Cult of Cthulhu?

The Cult of Cthulhu is a belief-system based upon the archetypes, ideals and manifestations of The Cthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft. It is  a useful and viable way of life for those who have heard The Call that aids them to reconnect with their natural abilities and to use them to change their lives.

The Cult holds that Man is insignificant and tiny to the cosmos-at-large, which is where our true joy and zeal for life stems from. It is in recognising our own insignificance that we can truly appreciate and live life to the fullest, with no fear of damnation or reward - except for those damnations and rewards that we dish out to ourselves and to each other. Cthulhu's is not a religion of rigid dogma but of true freedom and utter wildness of spirit! 
The Bible Of Cthulhu offers essential reading for the understanding (and joining) of The Cult of Cthulhu. 

It is first and foremost a quest of self-discovery and is comprised of four major facets which as a whole address the very nature of life, the cosmos and the self:


The Call
The premiss that only the select are worthy of The Cult and its teachings, and those who are worthy have heard The Call in one way or another. The Call heeds each Cultist to become the entity they were always destined to be.

Have you heard The Call?

The idea that within us all is an Elder God waiting to be Awoken, and that through the practices of The Cults teachings one can achieve perfection of the self in all forms; body, mind and spirit. There is a perfect version of everyone that exists across the multiverse, Ascension helps one attain it in this reality too.

The teaching that without unity (of the inner and the outer) true Ascension can never truly be achieved, it is the attainment of brotherhood throughout every aspect of life. 

These three facets comprise of what we collectively call The Work: a never-ending endeavour and journey to true freedom in an ever more hostile and slumbering world. 

The Great Work
Is the responsibility burdened The Cult to ensure it's continued growth and the preparation of the world for The Old One's return. It is a complex matter detailed more fully in The Bible of Cthulhu.

The Cult of Cthulhu

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